Best Home Theater Projectors for 2021

Best Home Theater Projectors for 2021

Do you want to reproduce a cinematic experience at the comfort of your home? - Well, you probably know already that a good projector is a necessity you can’t overlook.

You would agree that it’s not everyone’s taste to have a big box of TV lying in one corner of the house without much use. How about replacing your big TV screen with a good projector display? There are tons of projectors with different sizes, features, functions, and performances. But few such as PIQO, BenQ, and more stand out and can offer you the nice and satisfactory home theater sessions you have never thought of.  

Read further to see the review of our best picks of home theater projectors and the comparison table:

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Best 4k projector 2021 Reviews


Projection System


Special Features

PIQO HD Projector


1080p – 200 lumens

Android OS,  Bluetooth 5.0, Built-in Wi-Fi, and built-in Hi-Fi Speakers

BenQ HT2550 


4K UHD – 2200 lumens

CinematicColor™ Technology, and optimized HDR Support

Epson VS350


1024x768 (XGA) – 3300 lumens

Compatible with the latest Laptops and media player, and HDMI connections

Sony Home Theater Projector VPL-VW295ES 

SXRD (3 Chip)

Full 4K (4096 x 2160) – 1,500 lumens

Triluminous display, HDR compatibility, 4K resolution, and iMAX enhanced.

ViewSonic PX747-4K Home Theater Projector


4K UHD (3840 x 2160p) – 3500 lumens

10W Speaker, backlit remote control, long lamp life, and dual HDMI connectivity. 


  1. PIQO HD ProjectorBest Overall 

PIQO Mini Projector

You have probably heard this saying a couple of times before, “small but mighty” – PIQO HD projector is not limited by its portability, as it happens to be the smartest of all. PIQO mini projector is not only incredibly small but also very light, weighing just about 7.5 ounces (210g), which makes it super portable and easy to bring along on camp trips, business trips, and several other events. The portable projector sure guarantees 100-percent satisfaction. The plethora of amazing and super cool features of this power HD mini projector makes it undoubtedly the best overall!


PIQO HD projector

Speaking of brightness, this portable Bluetooth projector is absolutely outstanding in its league! The brightness of projectors and similar devices is expressed in ANSI lumen, and most portable projectors usually don’t deliver more than 105 lumens coupled with less battery capacity and smaller display sizes. Now, PIQO does not only offer an impressive brightness of 200 ANSI lumen but also a good five hours of playtime. Not only that, you can use it to play about 50-hours of nonstop music with full HD quality and stereo speakers – oh, what a champ!

Watching a movie or business presentation with low picture quality is as good as just listening to the audio, and not watching the visuals at all. I mean, what other major turns off is rather more frustrating than a low picture quality display?  You don’t have to settle for less as PIQO brings to your screen a resolution of 1080p and a massive 240-inch screen size featuring an automatic Keystone Angle Correction. Keystone Angle correction automatically helps to adjust the projection angle, and it also ensures that a tilted or warped image is not produced if the pocket projector is not placed on a perfectly flat surface.

Are you tired of wires trailing your devices? Well, there’s no need to fret. PIQO has got you covered, as it offers Bluetooth 5.0 and built-in Wi-Fi, which also enables Apple AirPlay and screen mirroring. Besides, for gamers like myself, you can hook up the tiny capsule to a computer or a game console via a built-in HDMI port. PIQO emerges as the world's most powerful 1080p pocket projector, and trust me, there are still a lot of goodies this Bluetooth projector has to offer beyond its Android operating system!

What we like about PIQO HD Projector

  • PIQO uses an Android Operating System
  • Its universal platform compatibility with a wide range of devices
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Fast charging
  • Built-in 16Gb memory
  • Portability plus 1080p screen resolution
  • Built-in stereo Speakers

What we don’t like about PIQO

  • It doesn’t have a microSD card slot
  1. BenQ HT2550 Projector

BenQ HT2550 Projector
BenQ HT2550 is another thriller projector that makes its consumers happy. One incredible thing about this home theater projector is the 4K UHD Resolution it features as such an affordable price. BenQ HT2550 is a projector that has got a lot to offer its market. The portable movie projector is rated at a brightness delivery of 2,200 lumens, producing 4K UHD 3840x2160 resolution with 8.3 million distinct pixels for each frame. Also, it uses revolutionary 0.47” single DMD DLP technology, which enables it to minimize the projector’s sleek, compact profile for modern lifestyles.

This mobile projector also offers cinematic color technology, which accurately reproduces >96% of Rec.709 color gamut for an immaculate cinema experience. Additionally, the portable projector produces razor-sharp images and accurate colors devoid of artifacting views such as shadowing, blur, and interference patterns for exceptional clarity. The sound quality is also superb and provides the feeling of actual experience as its custom-tuned sound modes ensures the adjustment of audio characteristics to deliver for any type of entertainment -  an ideal audio-visual experience!

Economic power saving Mode is another feature of this portable movie projector.  It works pretty well by adjusting lamp brightness depending on the content to project and increase contrast for image details, which consequently extends projector lamp life up to 10,000 hours. You also don’t have to bother yourself much about where to place the portable projector as the Keystone correction makes it quite simple and easy to project ideally aligned images from various locations.

What we like about BenQ HT2550

  • Accurate color and Image Integrity
  • Perfect Sound Modes to Fit Any Occasion
  • Auto Keystone for Easy Setup
  • Power saving and long lamp life

What we don’t like about this projector portable movie projector

  • Noticeable border of light around the projection
  • No lens shift. This could be an issue for some.
  1. Epson VS350

Epson VS350 projector
Epson VS350 is another wonder to behold. This portable projector offers a brightness rate of 3,300 lumens of equal color and white brightness, giving vivid and accurate pictures even in a well-lit room. The home theater projector features an XGA resolution (1024 x 768), which is 1.5 times more resolution than SVGA for projecting text-heavy presentations with greater detail. This makes it quite useful in business presentations and workshop classes. The XGA works pretty well for PowerPoint presentations featuring photos.

You know how frustrating it can be to purchase a device that is not compatible with other needed devices - maybe you do. Glad to tell you that it is not the same with VS350 as it offers extended connectivity with a wide variety of devices such as laptops, media players, etc. The portable movie projector supports HDMI for digital video and audio in one cable, which is the standard in connectivity.

Another key element to this portable projector is the ease with which you can set it up. It’s relatively easy to get it up and running in no time, with convenient control and easy image adjustments.

What we like about Epson VS350

  • XGA Resolution (1024 x 768)
  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible with the Latest Laptops and Media Players
  • Bright and clear picture quality
  • Intuitive menus and simple to operate

What we don’t like about Epson VS350

  • It may heat up after some time of use
  • Built-in speakers may not be loud enough
  • No 3D video capability
  1. Sony Home Theater Projector VPL-VW295ES

Sony Home Theater Projector

Do you want a super loud home theater projector that wakes your neighbors up every time? Sony’s VPL-VW295ES offers you that on a platter of gold.

This portable movie projector is a 4K ultra high definition designed with a resolution 4096 x 2160 and 3 SXRD to deliver crisp image quality, as seen in commercial theaters. This portable projector displays a full 8.8 million pixels across three imagers – now imagine how vibrant and crispy the image quality can be.

Sony’s 4K projector introduces a Triluminous display color delivering more tones and texture than a standard projector system. As one of the best home theater projectors, it offers smooth and life-like motion intended for 4K and HD movies, sports, and video games. It goes as the most affordable 4K projector and even one of the best gaming projectors. Also, this portable movie projector comes with a motorized lens, however, without lens memory for automated adjustment. Lens memory is typically used to allow various aspect ratios with 2.40:1 and motorized screens. One of the good parts is that VPL-295ES allows you to make those HDR adjustments and helps get a great image out of it as a result. It is also a great pick, generally!

What we like about Sony VPL-295ES

  • Reality Creation
  • iMAX supported
  • Ultra-quiet cooling fan
  • Compatible with a wide lens
  • Long lamp life
  • It delivers impressive and detailed image quality
  • Triluminous Display

What we don’t like about Sony VPL-295ES

  • It does not accept a 480i signal
  • VW285ES does not support the Dolby Vision HDR format
  • lack of full 18Gbps HDMI inputs
  1. ViewSonic PX747-4K Home Theater Projector

Home Theater Projector ViewSonic PX747 offers that awesome cinema-like experience you have been craving. It is a portable movie projector that offers you a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160p), and 4X the clarity of Full HD on a screen up to 300 inches. The brightness rate of 3500 lumens included in the home theater projector is aimed at giving you stunning picture quality.

This portable movie projector is designed with a powerful 10W speaker, combining both an incredible screen performance with room-filling sound for an exciting and immersive multimedia experience. Its connectivity and wide compatibility are quite superb as the dual HDMI inputs allow you to connect to a wide variety of HD devices, including Blu-ray players, laptop PCs, gaming consoles, digital cameras, and several others for an absolute high definition experience.

This portable projector also comes with an energy-saving SuperEco feature, which helps to reduce power consumption, extending the lamp life by up to 15,000 hours. Lamp life of this portable movie projector may actually vary depending on usage and other factors. Also, the Viewsonic PX747 projector delivers an incredibly detailed video playback with the ability to decode HDR video signals. The colors are brighter and more vivid, and the contrast is also richer and more detailed. Such image production and clarity allow the videos to display like they were designed for a fuller, more immersive digital experience. The video source must also possess HDR content support.

What we like about ViewSonic PX747

  • Stunning 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • Production of bright images in any environment
  • Long lamp life
  • Dual HDMI Connectivity
  • HDR Content support
  • Great Mounting Flexibility with Wider Optical Zoom

What we don’t like about ViewSonic PX747

  • No Ethernet port for direct internet access
  • The fan tends to make noise
  • No Bluetooth capability

Final Verdict

Why would you choose the best?  I guess you should have the answer to your question now. PIQO, being the most recommended best, is a portable projector everybody should have. Not just because it is a pocket projector (combining portability and mobility), but also for all the endless, amazing, and incredible features it offers the consumer.

Of course, several individual brands will claim to be the best, but I guess you have to weigh your options. And like it has been stated in the review, emerging the world’s most powerful 1080p pocket projector is not just hearsay but what has been proven since its introduction into the market. Good luck!