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Q: Is there audio output to hook the product up to a stereo or headphones?
A: Yes, there is an Aux output!

Q: When I download media from eg. Youtube or Netflix am I able to store it on the SD or a USB-stick?
A: You can store it on the SD, USB Stick, or the built-in memory!

Q: Do you have plans for USB-C
A: Right now we don't have plans for USB-C. It would require significant retooling and take up a significant amount of space in an already compact design, but depending on how the campaign goes we may consider it!

Q: Which version of Android will be running on the device?
A: We use Android 7.1, which we've found to be best for optimizing battery life and is significantly more stable!

Q: Can I update the Android version?
 Yes, you could but note that this voids the warranty.

Q: How do you connect with HDMI?
A: You can use a mini HDMI cable via the mini HDMI port. Alternatively, mini HDMI to HDMI can also work.

Q: What is the native resolution of your chip?
A: 1920 x 1080

Q: Can you charge via USB?
A: Yes - there are USB to DC plugs like this so you can even charge with a power bank!

Q: What is the RAM?
A: 2 GB

Q: How much built-in storage is there?
A: 16 GB

Q: What is the warranty policy?
A: 1-year manufacturer's warranty on defects

Q: Is there a fan in the projector, is it loud? How well does it expel heat? Can I lay it on my comforter and watch a full length (2 hr) movie without it overheating?
A: There is a fan - it is not loud! The fan is quite efficient, as the product is quite small. This means heat is expelled quite easily, and the fan can work through the entire system easily.

Q: Can you project and charge it at the same time?
A: Yes!

Q: How many watts is the speaker
A: 3W

Q: It's only 200 lumens?
A: With projectors, there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to "lumens". The PIQO projector is 200 ANSI Lumens and for competitors, depending on the company advertising could be anywhere from 200 to 6,000 lumens. You can read all about it online - here's an example: https://www.personalprojector.co.uk/blog/2017/10/covered-in-confusion-when-it-comes-to-understanding-lumens-and-brightness/?fbclid=IwAR3M-xNRpG740Jo1PIa8RTuH5mctyQ5h0Uwz8KB2llgFskgn3Cd0_2Z71x0. Rest assured the PIQO surely does pack a punch for its compact size!

Q: What accessories come with the PIQO?
1. Remote
2. 3ft USB Cable - Like this one https://www.amazon.com/HDE-3-5mm-Barrel-Power-Cable/dp/B003059FAI
3. DC 5V plug (which is dual voltage)

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Will I be required to use EZCAST to connect my device to this projector?
A: You can use HDMI, Airplay, Bluetooth, Wifi as well as EZcast

Q: Could I please know the minimum distance the projector needs to be from the wall?
A: As an approx guide:
6m = 240inches
3m approx 120-140inches
1m = approx 46inches

I want to know if PIQO can support the Nintendo switch or not.
A: The PIQO will support the Nintendo switch through HDMI input.

Q: How can I get in touch with your team?
A: You can contact us at team@piqoprojector.com!


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